Yulia Podolskaya




Category: Sculptures


Wound and stitched cotton fabric

Traditional Ukrainian Motanka dolls inspire this work. Symbolically the dolls were not

sewn, only wound with threads and ribbons. Traditionally those dolls were not only toys

that mothers made for daughters, but also a talisman or symbol to guard and protect the

whole family. My concept for this piece is the representation of current events and

conditions in my native country through sculpture. This sculpture is a Motanka

symbolizing Ukraine. The things that in my opinion are destroying it, corruption, lies

greed, and vulgarity are causing the Motanka to unravel.

Year of creation 2010
Materials Cotton fabric on metal fraim.
Current location Rye, UK
Awards Winner “Yang sculpture award” at “The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts - 150th Annual Exhibition”. Glasgow,UK.
Size 170x80