Yulia Podolskaya


About Sculptor

Юлия подольская

In 2007 Yulia Podolskaya graduated from the National Academy of Fine Art, Kiev, Ukraine with undergraduate and masters degrees in fine art and sculpture.

Yulia then spent a period in southern Turkey in order to explore the marble quarries and examine the statuary of the classical period for which the stone was used. At the
same time started producing works in marble and perfected the skills needed to carve figurative sculpture in this medium.

Throughout this period Yulia also travelled extensively throughout Europe in order to see first hand the great historical and contemporary collections.
Yulia then again relocated, this time to the UK to be closer to and be stimulated by the current contemporary art world and now works from a studio on the south coast of Sussex.

In 2010 Yulia won the Society of Women Artists Young sculptor of the year award and has since been included in the ING Discerning Eye Competition and won the Milly and Benno Schotz Sculpture Award for sculpture "Motanka" at The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts Annual Exhibition. Yulia was also a finalist in the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize with her piece “Cold Man”

Yulia continues to exhibit in the UK and Europe in group shows and competitions.


“I am usually working on more than one project and I am very interested in exploring different materials and construction techniques to create my work. I am currently
exploring the expression of human emotion through the use of new materials in the creation of figurative sculpture”.