Yulia Podolskaya



Cold Man

Category: Sculptures

Cold Man. Cement blocks/Steel/Rubber
I am currently exploring the expression of emotion through the use of new materials for the creation of figurative sculpture. Here I tried to represent the realisation of mans wasted opportunity. The figure represents the height of mans prowess; cowed by the realisation that his development came at the price of the finite resources he wasted to achieve it. Constructed from some of the most polluting materials of the modern age, cement, steel and vulcanised rubber, the figure is a memorial to modern man, constructed from his most indestructible, polluting waste. The natural setting intentionally contrasts the materials and I hope it will become a hidden relic to the past as the habitat gradually obscures and reclaims the piece.

Year of creation 2010
Materials Cement blocks/Steel/Rubber
Current location Rye, UK
Awards Finalist of the competition "Broomhill national sculpture aword" Barnstaple, UK
Size 230x120x120 cm